Where do Glasgow cyclists cycle?

Strava vs. The European Cycling Challenge One of the difficulties of providing safe and appropriate cycle provision for cyclists has been to actually know where they want to cycle. It may seem a relatively simple task to map cycle desire lines, but there are many 1000’s of possible routes and resources to conduct definitive road-side surveys are limited. In recent years, however, with the near universal adoption of mobile phones and their inbuilt GPS tracking, it has become possible for cyclists to download and run apps that make their movements available to central servers, their travel data aggregated and maps … Continue reading Where do Glasgow cyclists cycle?

Glasgow Roundabout Cracks it for 2014!

Pollok Roundabout on Barrhead Road shyly accepted its accolade as the single most dangerous traffic location for Glasgow cyclists in 2014, revealed from the newly released road traffic accident data. “It was nothing”, said Pollok. “Most years I manage to nail a cyclist or 2, but raising my game to get 3 in a single year was something I have been building up to. I am in friendly competition with the other roundabouts such as Auldhouse, Battlefield and Shieldhall Road, but this year I got everything right and showed those guys how to be well-dangerous. The bookie’s favourite, Auldhouse, only … Continue reading Glasgow Roundabout Cracks it for 2014!

My Response to the Victoria Road Plans

At the bottom of this post is a copy of the response I sent to GCC regarding the two proposed options for revised road layouts which will potentially include new cycling provision. Details are on the Council website. Whilst I broadly welcome the proposal, I am very concerned that GCC are still suggesting cycle lanes in the car-door opening zone (Option 1). Option 2 is better but it is very hard for south-travelling cyclists to access. I will be at the discussion forum at Govanhill Baths, 3-7pm on the 26th November to listen and to contribute. As part of my … Continue reading My Response to the Victoria Road Plans

Glasgow’s Most Dangerous Roundabout and Other Dodgy Roads

Glasgow City Council’s strategy for implementation of 20mph areas in Glasgow has historically been to site them in wholly residential areas. Whilst this makes these areas both safer to the residents and the environment more pleasant, my analysis of accident data shows that by far the greater number of the cycle/pedestrian accidents happen in non-residential areas, in particular: In the city centre On arterial roads On roundabouts located on dual carriageways. (See maps in the CTC 2015 AGM presentation CTC 2015 AGM 20mph Presentation final, revised motions) The council seems to have recently recognised the first of these anomalies and has proposed … Continue reading Glasgow’s Most Dangerous Roundabout and Other Dodgy Roads

Repost: 15 Minutes of Frame- 20mph for Glasgow Petition Success!

The following is reposted from my old blog site (date 12/05/15) Tricia Fort of GoBike and I had had our 15 minutes of fame this morning when we presented our 20mph petition to GCC’s Petition’s Committee, attended by GCC councillors and roads department officers. Our presentation focussed on the scale of the Glasgow road network that requires reduction to 20mph and a review of the recent and imminent 20mph zones installed by GCC. Our final conclusions on GCC’s current implementation of 20mph were: It is too limited (there is no published or unpublished overview plan) It is too slow (40 … Continue reading Repost: 15 Minutes of Frame- 20mph for Glasgow Petition Success!

What constitutes a cycle route?

Given that GCC has been seriously pushing the boundaries of what can be considered part of the cycle network https://glasgowcycleman.wordpress.com/2015/06/16/305km-of-cycle-network-you-kidding/, I think that the cycling fraternity should have a clear definition of what can and cannot be included as part of a valid cycle route. I offer the following criteria that should be met before a route/facility can be accepted as a valid part of the cycle network. Is a reasonably direct route that connects locations that a significant number of people wish to travel to and from, Offers increased safety compared to the on-road or unsegregated alternatives (e.g. no … Continue reading What constitutes a cycle route?

Oswald Street, Really?

I know that I am not the first to have noticed, but this morning I was walking on Oswald Street http://bit.ly/1HSiWb5, one of the busier and less cycle friendly streets in Glasgow city centre when I say this marker for cycle route 75, ironically outside the NCP car park. I would like to make a pithy comment but all that springs to mind is “for goodness sake, who thought that was a good idea?”. For those of you who don’t know Glasgow, the Oswald Street cycle route marker is some 80m away from the nearest cycle route. Continue reading Oswald Street, Really?

305km of Cycle Network, You Kidding?

A draft of Glasgow’s Strategic Plan for Cycling 2015 – 2025 has just been released by Glasgow City Council (GCC) for comment (http://bit.ly/1fewH91) and, being of the cycling persuasion, I did not need to be asked twice. So yellow marker in hand (digital variety of course) I set forth to give it a review. I would like to say that I have completed my critique but I am afraid that my thought processes have stumbled before getting past the introduction. Let me explain. The very first diagrams in the introduction are a pair of graphs. The upper shows the number … Continue reading 305km of Cycle Network, You Kidding?

Evidenced-Based Assessment of Cycle Traffic in Glasgow

Have you ever wondered which roads are used by the most number of cyclists in Glasgow? Without detailed surveys of all roads it has been historically difficult to tell but through the use of route tracking apps such as Strava, cyclists now generate their own survey data. Strava have been good enough to provide me with the aggregated data for Glasgow which I have summarised in the attached presentation (see link below). A couple of key observations are A few cycle facilities are well-used, but many are little used or under-used The busiest routes for cycling in the city are … Continue reading Evidenced-Based Assessment of Cycle Traffic in Glasgow