Keep National Cycle Route 75 Open During Public Events in Glasgow Green

During October 2019 I started a petition with Glasgow City Council to ask them to keep National Cycle Route 75 (NCR75) open while events are held in Glasgow Green. 105 people signed to support the petition, but many potential supporters were barred from signing as they live outwith the bounds of Glasgow City. Too often this long distance cycle route has been closed in Glasgow Green and cyclists and walkers left confused due to inappropriate detours with little or no signage.

In support of the petition I was allowed to present to the Wellbeing, Empowerment, Community and Citizen Engagement City Policy Committee on Thursday 14/11/19 and was kindly supported in this by Tricia Fort of GoBike and Jim Densham of Cycing UK Scotland. The presentation I gave to the committee is available here Glasgow Green Petition final.

The committee expressed some concerns about certain aspects of practicality relating to the petition request but was broadly supportive of the aims. I will update this post once the minutes of the committee meeting are published.

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