Cycle Lanes in Car Door Zones. Remove or Fix Now!

It happened again. I was cycling north on Kilmarnock Road (see Streetview on the outer edge of the cycle “lane” which merely comprises dashed lines of paint to encourage you into the zone where car cars open, putting the cyclist at severe risk of car-dooring

While riding, a car driver drove past only inches away frightening the life out of me. At the next lights I politely remonstrated with the driver. I am sure that you have already guessed his reply “you should have been in the cycle lane, that is your place”. And there you have it in a nutshell. You either ride in the car-dooring zone risking injury (and I have been injured that way) or you ride outside the cycle lane risking being mown down by car drivers angry that you are not in your place.

In their current form car-door cycle lanes are simply dangerous. Glasgow has too many of these, though if I complain about their presence I get the stock answer, “well they may not be perfect but they encourage people to cycle“. So there you have it. In the eyes of the council it is worth some cyclists having car-dooring accidents as the presence of the lanes will encourage cycling innocents onto the road. What can I say other than unprotected cycle lanes in the car door zones must either be made safe by moving them away from parked vehicle, or removed completely?

Given the current financial constraints and the antipathy by the council to control on-street parking, the best we can hope for is the removal of these lanes. It may sound strange for a cycle campaigner to be arguing for the removal of cycle lanes but these design-deficient lanes should never have been installed in the first place. If you use them, do so with extreme caution.



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