Glasgow’s Most Dangerous Roundabout and Other Dodgy Roads

Glasgow City Council’s strategy for implementation of 20mph areas in Glasgow has historically been to site them in wholly residential areas. Whilst this makes these areas both safer to the residents and the environment more pleasant, my analysis of accident data shows that by far the greater number of the cycle/pedestrian accidents happen in non-residential areas, in particular:

  • In the city centre
  • On arterial roads
  • On roundabouts located on dual carriageways.

(See maps in the CTC 2015 AGM presentation CTC 2015 AGM 20mph Presentation final, revised motions)

The council seems to have recently recognised the first of these anomalies and has proposed a 20mph zone across the whole of Glasgow’s city centre where pedestrian accident rates are about 8x higher than the city as a whole; cycle accident rates are nearly 4x higher. Lowering of traffic speeds will help alleviate the numbers and severity of these accidents. Please give the council your support by writing or emailing to Land and Environmental Services, Exchange House, 231 George Street, Glasgow, G1 1RX,, by Monday 30 November 2015.

The accident data also reveal that arterial roads which are associated with a combination of shops, on-street parking, frequent junctions and no cycle facilities are hot-spots for cycle and pedestrian accidents. Sections of the arterial Kilmarnock Rd, Victoria Rd, Dumbarton Rd, Argyle St, Maryhill Rd, Byres Rd and Shettleston Rd are notable for their regrettably high accident rates.

I doubt that roundabout designers even considered the possibility that cyclists might use their creations and the layouts consequently offer the cyclist no choice but to “mix-it” with the motor traffic. Roundabouts which are located on dual carriageways frequently have anomalously high cycle accident rates, with the Auldhouse Roundabout showing as the highest single cycle accident locality in the city. Other roundabouts such as those on Shieldhall Rd, Paisley Road West, Barrhead Rd (Pollok), Langside Ave (Battlefield) also have significantly high cycle accident rates.

I presented these views at the CTC AGM on the Tuesday 3rd November at the Couper Institute, Craighead Suite 84, Clarkston Rd, Glasgow G44. Below is a link to my presentation.



CTC 2015 AGM 20mph Presentation final, revised motions


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