Repost: 15 Minutes of Frame- 20mph for Glasgow Petition Success!

The following is reposted from my old blog site (date 12/05/15)

Tricia Fort of GoBike and I had had our 15 minutes of fame this morning when we presented our 20mph petition to GCC’s Petition’s Committee, attended by GCC councillors and roads department officers. Our presentation focussed on the scale of the Glasgow road network that requires reduction to 20mph and a review of the recent and imminent 20mph zones installed by GCC. Our final conclusions on GCC’s current implementation of 20mph were:

  • It is too limited (there is no published or unpublished overview plan)
  • It is too slow (40 years to complete at the current rate)
  • It is too expensive (would cost £72 million if they continue with installing traffic-calming everywhere)

Our presentation to the committee is available from the link below.

As petitioners we were asked very few questions, but the officers from the roads department were subjected to probing questions from councillors. Long story short, our petition was unanimously accepted with cross-party support and no dissensions! The subject of the petition will now be sent for further discussion by the Sustainability and Environment Committee. While I cannot say for sure what the committee will examine, from the questions asked of the roads officers it will likely include examining how to speed up Glasgow’s 20mph implementation from 40 years to say 5 years, what might a city-wide 20mph plan look like, and last but possibly most importantly, what budget allocation would the project have. Hopefully they will decide that they can divert the costs of installing big lumps of tarmac in the middle of our roads to cleverer and more human solutions for slowing down traffic.

Today was a good result and it seems that we were pushing at an open door. If this is the case, I am left wondering why we had such a hard time getting the petition accepted.

My thanks to the committee members and the council officers for their kind attention to our petition.



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