What constitutes a cycle route?

Given that GCC has been seriously pushing the boundaries of what can be considered part of the cycle network https://glasgowcycleman.wordpress.com/2015/06/16/305km-of-cycle-network-you-kidding/, I think that the cycling fraternity should have a clear definition of what can and cannot be included as part of a valid cycle route. I offer the following criteria that should be met before a route/facility can be accepted as a valid part of the cycle network.

  1. Is a reasonably direct route that connects locations that a significant number of people wish to travel to and from,

  2. Offers increased safety compared to the on-road or unsegregated alternatives (e.g. no lanes marked in the car-door zone),

  3. Clearly marked so that visitors to the area can easily find them,

  4. Can be cycled by all users including tandem and tricycle riders,

  5. Maintained and kept clear of debris such as glass, gravel, snow and ice.

Does your local cycle lane(s) pass these simple tests?

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