Oswald Street, Really?

I know that I am not the first to have noticed, but this morning I was walking on Oswald Street http://bit.ly/1HSiWb5, one of the busier and less cycle friendly streets in Glasgow city centre when I say this marker for cycle route 75, ironically outside the NCP car park.

Route 75

I would like to make a pithy comment but all that springs to mind is “for goodness sake, who thought that was a good idea?”. For those of you who don’t know Glasgow, the Oswald Street cycle route marker is some 80m away from the nearest cycle route.

3 thoughts on “Oswald Street, Really?

  1. A bit of history. When the mileposts were created around the year 2000 councils and organisations like Network Rail were offered them free of charge and then they sited them without actually asking cyclists where they should go. The West Nile St one is – sort of – on the Colleges Cycle Route, but why there is one on Oswald St I have no idea! The one in Central Station is on platform 15 and directs people off the end of the platform on to the tracks!
    I had the task some years back of locating them, photographing them and checking how securely they were fixed.
    Essentially, they are public sculptures rather than directional signage – yes I know they have directions on them! – but that was before Glasgow embarked on its formal systematic signing programme which is currently underway. The Oswald St one will be relocated to Shawfield Bridge, the casino one to the Tradeston Bridge and the Ferry Road one to the Riverside Museum. There will be some amendments to the signage information on them. As they are art, a group of us have been painting them. I hope this gives you a bit of visual pleasure as you pass.


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