Evidenced-Based Assessment of Cycle Traffic in Glasgow

Have you ever wondered which roads are used by the most number of cyclists in Glasgow? Without detailed surveys of all roads it has been historically difficult to tell but through the use of route tracking apps such as Strava, cyclists now generate their own survey data. Strava have been good enough to provide me with the aggregated data for Glasgow which I have summarised in the attached presentation (see link below).

A couple of key observations are

  • A few cycle facilities are well-used, but many are little used or under-used
  • The busiest routes for cycling in the city are by-and-large the main radial roads, with Pollokshaws Road, Maryhill Road and Paisley Road West having the highest cycle usage. These radial routes are the “desire lines” that people preferentially wish to use

I recently presented this on behalf of GoBike to Glasgow City Council. Will it influence where they place new cycle facilities or will they continue to prioritise new cycle facilities on quiet roads with minimal cycle traffic? What do you think?


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